Why is Theology Better than Astronomy?


We know all about the stars and science, but do we know everything about the mysterious ways of God? Of course we don’t, because God, unlike science, will leave us only clues that we must strive to understand from the bottom of our hearts. The only way we can truly understand God is by reading the Bible and studying its every word.

If you are a young man or a woman who still hasn’t decided which career path to take, you should consider taking the path of God and become a theologian. Receiving education in the field of theology means studying a lot not only about faith and the Bible, but also about spirituality, religious traditions, and leadership. Although we live in a liberal era, many Christians decide to study theology and spread the word of God. Christians choose to study theology for two main reasons. The first reason is that they usually aren’t able to study theology on their own, but they have the need to understand and further spread the word of God. The second reason is that they have no opportunity to visit a seminary. Read on to learn why theology is better than astronomy. The planets and the stars can’t affect your life and destiny, but God surely can, especially if you give your best to understand and follow the path he has chosen for you. Some people just cannot comprehend the word of God, but with your help, you can become their guide and assist them to reach the gardens of Eden.

Getting an Online Seminary Degree

Seminary involves learning the fundamentals of ethics and morality, and if a person has obtained a degree in this field, he or she will receive valuable skills that are necessary for saving this world. People have forgotten all about proper counseling, teaching, social work, and pastoral leadership. As God’s envoy, you will make people remember their roots, gather and get back into their flock. We can thank only one thing to technology, and that is the power of completing an online seminary program via the internet.

By getting your degree online, you won’t have to attend classes every day and that way you will save a lot of time and money. If you have a lot of personal and professional obligations, the online seminary will be perfect for you because you will be able to study the word of God from the comfort of your home. No matter in what career field you are in,  studying theology is ideal for every professional who wants to learn more about life itself and combine his experiences on faith and life as a whole.


Nowadays, formal and informal theology programs are offered online by many different accredited schools. You will have access to online theological libraries that will help you follow the main program, and finish your home assignments. With a seminary degree, you will obtain new career opportunities and spiritual prosperity. You can become a pastor of some church, a church minister, a rabbi and much more.

Get a Seminary Degree Online today and learn the word of God! If you can’t select the right theology school on your own, consult with your church leader on choosing the most suitable educational paths.


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